Saturday, June 30, 2007

Once Upon A Time.....

Okay, okay I won't bore you to death with my long and drawn out stories! But I just had to catch you up with some "happinings" at the Finch castle. First- we used Budget Truck Rentals to haul our goods off to our new destination. We only needed one truck because we sold most of the big furniture before hand-ie our 3 sofas. So we had a 26' truck and a Car Carrier. When we got to our destination and dropped off the truck. The guy at Budget Rentals was was looking really crazy and stated that he is surprised that we made it with the Car Carrier still attached to the truck! What the hey? Well, the bolt that held the carrier to the truck was broken in half!! He stated that there was no way that we should have made it. Is God good or what? I stayed behind the truck the entire drive with the kids in tow...

So the hubby and I have to go shopping for a fridge. Well, I fell in the love with the first one that I saw. It's a Whirlpool stainless steel side by side version-needless to say I got it! We get it home and BAM! It doesn't 1/2" Can you believe that? We had to tear up a pair of perfectly good looking cabinets just to get it in. It hurt like the dickens to actually think that I might have to trade it in for a smaller model. In the end everything worked out alright. The next day I decide I needed to wash some clothes and prepare a load in the washer. BAM....I'm swimming in the kitchen. Who sets up a washing machine without attaching the drainage tube? I swear, I must be a distant relative of Noah! Those of you that know what happened to me in my last house know what I'm talking about. The movers should really stick to loading and unloading. That was just wrong.

To make matters worse....the kids(Zoe in particular) decided that she was going to stuff the toilet full of paper towels instead of tissue-and guess who gets to clean that one up. Yep, you guessed it. That was so much fun. Hmmmnn...I can't remember the last time I had on plastic gloves, a face mask, and rubber boots all at the same time. I was so tempted to call a plumber and act like I was having a blond moment.

xo, Noah's first cousin twice removed

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