Monday, October 29, 2007

My love/hate relationship

Goodbye Coffee! I know many of you coffee drinkers out there swear by your morning (afternoon & evening) up O' Joe! Well I was once on that wagon and now I'm JuMpInG off! O.K O.K ...Reluctantly.....sliding off (if you will).

I love the way it glides and warms my throat. The sweet way it lets my tongue dance in the morning. But, I'm sad to say when it reaches my stomach...the fireworks begin!! I switched from caffeinated to decaf and used my soy instead of creamer, all to no avail. BLAST! DRAT! and DARN..... I am now drinking decaf green tea! Oh well. Is there a "Starbucks" for us tea drinkers?? Moonbucks, Sunbucks,or Orbitbucks maybe??


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