Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Play A Game!..Turn up your volume..Don't read at work!!

::Did you know that the Plain White T's did Rhianna's song Umbrella?? I happen to like PWT but, let me just say that Rhianna rocked it. PWT's...... not so HOT!!

***You can hear their version on my playlist to the right....

::Did you know that Mariah Carey's song "
All I want for Christmas" is my absolute ULTIMATE favorite Christmas song? The fact that I can immediately break out into a Carlton dance ( or this version) is utterly embarrasing but OH so halarious....just ask my kids. The fact that I CAN sing makes it rrreeeaaalllyyy bad!

***You can hear her son on my playlist to the right.....

***And see this cute animated remix

***My kids love
this live performance. What was up with that pettiskirt??

::Did you know who
Jamia Simone Nash is ? Well she happens to be the incredible singing(not speaking) voice behind this animated character. Can she sing? Well um..... NO!! She can BLOW!!
***Here is a clip of her on
Show Time At The Apollo, and another one but a different song, and a clip of her on Jay Lenno singing silent night.

::Okay here is just one for the road. Here is one of my "ALL TIME" favorite kiddie singers. She caught my attenion when
she sung "It's Love" by Jill Scott on America's Most Talented Kid. Did you notice that this version is about the "LORD"(mentioned at 00:35 on the video clip). Ha! You go girl....

***Here is
a clip by Torri Kelly sing an India Arie song, and one singing my favorite song by Christina Aguilera.

Alirght ya'll I hope you had fun. -Andre'a

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