Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fashion Foward Friday

Today I'm going to participate in "What's in your bag?" challenge over at Boutique Cafe. I was packing and getting ready to leave friday so today is my free day. Plus I know you all would love to see what's inside my purse right?? Okay here goes...
1. My purse...made by Sew*Gracious
2. Cell phone-Rumor by LG
3. Orbit gum-Sweet mint
4. Pink Wallet-With loads of receipts and stuff
5. Check book cover-Also made by Sew*Gracious
6. Bow on Business Moo cards-Freebies and promo cards!!
7. Comb
8. Mary K Pouch-Holds my chapstick, lipstick, Visine, and lip gloss
9. Aleave-For those pesky headaches
10. Pad of Paper- For jotting down stuff in a hurry or taking a quick order
11. Bow Pen
Thats it...whew. It's not too late for you to join. If your interested join us here.
Later gaters,

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