Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wating Patiently......

This is my new baby, My Nikon D40 6.1! Isn't he the cutest?? I'm so glad that I can hardly stand it. I get to put away my point and click and see what real photography is all about. I'm having so much fun just waiting and practicing my shutter speed and aperture here. And I've done so much research that I already know what buttons do what!! How crazy is that?? Well at they give the coolest Nikon tutorial here, you can click on the link "learn more about the Nikon D40" and it takes you through everything. I've joined a couple of Yahoo and Flicker groups so I'm pretty much all set. I though about taking a course in photography but I just have'nt decided yet, I've probably taught myself almost everything a beginners course would include.

And that's not it! I'm also waiting until spring break "08" so that I can go on holliday!! My hubby and I are taking our first cruise to the Caribbean! We are beyond excited!! And we plan on hanging out in Orlando for a few too!! Talk about a vacation. We are going through
Royal Caribbean on the Sovereign of the Seas to Nassau and Coco Cay. That is one of the reasons I HAD to get a new camera!!

Valentines day is soon approaching and we are making it another "Handmade Holiday". No generic mass produced cards for us!! We're doing it big! I'll be back soon with loads of new pictures from my new camera!!

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