Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Caper Pakes...er Paper Cakes!

I get a handfull of e-mails asking for sample items, teachers complementing me on Zoe's outfits and accessories, and passer buyers just wanting to get the 411, so I figured I needed to put together some type of flair samples. I saw this post this morning and thought "hey that would be a perfect way to package some flair samples". How cute are these? Here is the tutorial here and make sure you see these ultra hip ones for sale. If you want to purchase the boxes pre-cut and ready to assemble(which I highly recommend if your not feeling up to the challenge) you can buy some here. I might even give these as little gifts for Zoe's birthday party.

In the mean time, I'm waiting on fabric and pens to complete a couple of orders. I'll be back tomorrow. Later, gaters.



jessi said...

I didn't know you could buy them pre-cut - fabulous! And I have to admit, the original idea came from the ones for sale on Etsy - it was just a matter of finding a template on the web, which turned out to be not so difficult! Yours are fabulous!

Arlette said...

I think you're right. Those boxes would be perfect for packaging your pretty flowers and bows. I can only imagine a cake as a centerpiece for a childs party filled with a lovely surprise for each little one to take home. That would be so darling. I think you've hit on a great idea!!