Monday, June 2, 2008

10 Things About Me This Week

1. Getting the house clean for Zoe's Birthday party on Saturday.

2. Making Zoe's Birthday dress. Don't know what yet, but she'll have something. I don't want to use the skirt I was embroidering because it's white. I'm thinking of a quickie stripwork 1 layer twirls skirt with applique "6" tank top.

3. Washing, blowdrying Zoe's hair and finding a hairstyle that is suitable for a pool party.....Probably braids.

4. Starting training for Shop NBC(I work for West Teleservices at home). Took 2 test, both 100%....soooo much information..

5. Not talking about my husband on my blog.....(smooches...)....maybe a trim and not a cut?

6. Teaching my 9 year old how to wash dishes...and keep a clean kitchen.

7. Making a list of baby items I get to make for my best friend and her twins.

8. Backing up my photos.

9. Updating my portfolio.

10. Hoping I can get half of this stuff on my list done...



Kira =] said...

I didn't know Zoe had a birthday this week! Carlise's is tomorrow! =]

Anonymous said...

you can talk about me its ok. i love you