Friday, August 22, 2008

Get Paid For Your Trash

School has just started for us and will soon start for many others. Lunchtime is a time that creates loads of trash for many schools. I found a program that will pay you to upcycle Capri Sun, Honest Kids, and Kool aid drink pouches for $.02 per pouch and $.01 for other pouches(they'll pay for the shipping too!). And they don't stop there! The smart company is called Terracycle, and they will give you money to send in your drink pouches, 20 oz soda bottles, cookie wrappers, energy bar wrappers, yogurt cups, and corks. Now you might be thinking that $.02 might not be alot, but when you add it all up those cents start to make dollars. If you choose to do the 20oz plastic bottles you'll get $.06 per bottle and the other items yield different prices. You can choose to keep your money or choose a school or organization and Terracycle will donate the money on your behalf.

Now what do you think these people at Terracycle will do with these items? Send them to a recycling center? Terracycle will turn your trash into beautiful bags and awesome upcycled goodies and turn around and sell them. Target has some of these bags ready to buy online but not in stores.

Many of us crafters have already been doing this for a while. If you search Etsy for upcycled kool-aid pouches you will see many lovely items made by individual upcyclers. (this link will take you to a yahoo group)

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Amanda @ said...

Wow, I know that it's not much per pouch, but it really adds up! Could be a great school fund-raiser...
Thank you so much for passing the link along :)

Amanda @