Monday, August 4, 2008

Postcard Winners!!

We have two winners for my postcard giveaway! The postcards will go out to Kira and Tyra's Family! Yea, I only had two people send me their info so I just included both. Your cards will be send off today.

We are home and getting adjusted to life after vacation, lol. We are also getting ready for school on Wednesday. Where did our summer go??

I'm in a mad dash to find some quick "school" inspired fabric or maybe just some cute fabric to make Zoe's first day of school outfit. Speaking of fabric, I made all of the kids a Disney inspired outfit to wear to Magic Kingdom. The girls got a pair of shorts and a tank-tee with an iron-on applique of 3 mickey heads. The boys just got a few iron-on applique mickey heads made from Cars fabric. My hubby went to the store for me to pick up the fusible backing for the appliques and he bought the kind that doesn't/ can't be sewn in...only ironed on. I didn't even know such a thing existed. It is out there and it works rather well. The kids outfits have been washed and dried with no movement from the applique. I started off making twirls skirts for the girls but the skirt was ruined by the serger when the knife refused to cut anymore! I was almost done, and it was rather cute for a rush job.

Pictures will come shortly after I figure out whats wrong with blogger. I keep getting an error message after I try and load some of the pictures.

Chow for now!


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arabellora said...

We got the postcard today. Thanks! Arabelle LOVED it!