Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Tutorial From The 5 Year Old!

Here is an activity that should keep your little ones busy for a minute while working on their fine motor skills. What you'll need:

1- out of date calendar

1- pen or pencil

1- eager child

The activity #1: Let you child practice writing his/her numbers in the empty box. How easy is that? I've bought ton's of activity books over the years and my little one thought of this one all by himself!

The activity #2: Play Bingo!

The activity #3: Play Number Polo! Roll all 5 dice in a cup and what ever number you roll that where you place your marker. You have to say "number polo" after you roll your dice or you loose a die(but you can pick it back up the next go around, instead of loosing a turn and because you want to be able to get the lower numbers might want to forget to say "number polo" a couple of times to get the lower numbers!) Roll You need:

5- dice


15-30 number markers(beans, paper circles, dots, stickers)