Tuesday, March 13, 2007

50 Things About Me

1. I am a Christian
2. I have 3 children
3. I love to read
4. I taught myself to sew
5. Green is my faborite color
6. My hubby is my college sweet heart
7. I was born in California
8. I had a lumectomy of my left breast when I was 21
9. They removed a golf ball sized lump
10. It was not cancer
11. I have over 20 beauty marks all over
12. My favorite drink is lemonade
13. I'm lactose intollerant
14. I'm loyal
15. I have had 6 total names(Andrea Marie Michelle Philip Edwards Finch)
16. I love mohawks on little boys
17. I love Japanese crafts
18. I can sing...
19. But I can't breath properly
20. I'm a visual learner
21. I'm allergic to mosquito bites
22. I just turned the big 30
23. I love cats
24. I can...
25. Eight is my favorite number
26. Procrastination is my close companion
27. There was a tornado the day of my senior prom
28. I love veggies and fruit
29. I don't eat pork
30. I try and stay away from beef
31. I'm a wahm
32. I'm a mompreneur
33. I'm teaching myself HTML
34. I choose "comfy" over "fasionable"
35. I only wear stud earings
36. I am a member of Neopets.com(have been since they first were established!)
37. My first crush was Tevin Campbell(okay, maybe my second!)
38. I can draw
39. Drea is my nickname
40. Don't call me Andy
41. I have a tatoo
42. I plan on getting another
43. I don't like soaps
44. Or wrestling
45. I don't need coffee to stay awake
46. I need love
47. I seek opportunities to help
48. I'm not materialistic
49. My first car was a Toyota Cressida
50. I am my mothers first born


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