Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday happenings

I finished making Zoe's tote. It turned out rather fresh I think. And she put ALL of her design sence into it! I love the little key ring that she wanted. So uniquely designed with the butterfly. Not to mention the handles. Notice how they are on the side like a little basket? Zoe wanted them to "cross" on the side. I don't know how in the world she thought that one up! You go girl! Now she is requesting that I get her some keys, and she mentioned something about an outfit!! Well, well! I think I've got a future fashion designer on my hand.

Today we played with clay and made clay objects. We made a bear and named him Bela*Phant. He is a bear and an elephant. I think I'm going to invest in buying Ian some polymer clay and a pasta machine. He has been expressing some interest for the last past 2 years in clay. So I think it would be well worth it. He is such an entrepreneur already. My Sonpreneur! Ha, you heard it here first!! Maybe he might be interested in making jewelry! You never know.

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