Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sewing Machine Snuggly sewing machine snuggly. It's been a project that I start and put down, start and put down, and so on. I just recently added the top to it. Now it's a fully functioning sewing machine snuggly, with some hermosa flava! Cute enough to be a little girls skirt, but it wouldn't work because these scraps were not cut on the bias - so it doesn't flow right. Zoe automatically thought it was hers when I started making it because of little miss shorty cakes. What? I don't discriminate! Fabric scraps are one in the same . I'm going to invest in another sewing machine soon - so Zoe might end up with her little miss shorty cakes after all. There is some really funky/floral green fabric calling my name in my portable storage container and I'm dying to use it. I'm picturing of another sewing machine snuggly & matching serger snuggly- with pleats and more adult appeal, oh my beating heart. Another project to add to the list....


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