Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been tagged

Okay, here it is:

Several random(off the top of my head) facts about me;

1. I love Kat Von D from LA Ink!! She is so fun to look at with all the tat's and everything.

2. I am a craft JUNKIE! When I was younger my dad put me in craft camp at our local college for the entire summer. Let's just say- I was hooked ever since then. Thanks dad for seeing it in me!

3. I own over 4000 yards of ribbon!!

4. My favorite color is Green.

5. I studied Chinese in High School.
6. I researching gardening in hopes of starting one.
7. I love mother in law as much as my own mother!
All right that's enough about me! I'm off to fill some more orders. I don't have time to list all my tagees so.....if you are reading this and would like to join in on the fun - consider yourself TAGGED! Have a great weekend.
.... oh, I almost forgot to mention that I've listed a pair of my flower flairs on Ebay. Go ahead and bid!!

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