Monday, August 13, 2007


Disclaimer..........Your regular scheduled program has been canceled and will air next week at the its regular time slot........

Hey there! It's just "Manic Monday"! I'm learning to sew knits and having fun. The kids are getting use to their "school" schedule(I have to confess, it's basically the same as their "summer" schedule.....minus the school!). Shari from "Shari's Gone Country" bestowed upon me my first award:

The "Nice Matter's Award"! Because nice does matter....and I have to admit that I don't encounter alot of this like I use to. Maybe I need to pass this along!!!! Thanks again Shari! It's going to be short and sweet today folks. I have new stuff up in my ETSY store go and take a peek. And go commit some random act of kindness....................

Later, Andre'a

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