Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday's "Straight from the Studio"

Have you ever had a REALLY bad day and then you say to yourself, " this just can't be happening." Well let me confess....everything that could have happened, happened. From running out of fabric on Zoe's first day outfit, to my serger acting a FOOL, to my first day of school pictures. Then I thought to myself, DANG girl, something really BIG is about to come your way.....Brace yourself.... it happened. I am really preparing myself for all of the good blessings coming my way. Things are looking up-- and I tried to fix some of the pictures to share with you so here it is one picture of the outfit. I'm going to try and fix the rest tomorrow.

xo, Andre'a

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Shari Thomas said...

Andrea, let me be the first to help with "Big things coming!"

I'm bestowing a very special award upon you and your blog. You'll have to drop by my blog... you've got the address from your Monday's "Fabby Finds".

You're gonna love it!