Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello 2008!

I have only one resolution and it is: "I'm going to be ME!!" This is always my New Year's Resolution because it is one that I can always count on!! AND...if you know me you know I have a very generous heart. I love to gift and give away. So....the first person who wishes me a "Happy New Year" in my comment section will win a free copy(via e-mail)of my new E-book: How To Make Boutique Bow Pens!! Yay, Oprah eat your heart out. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little......Maybe..... Ellen, eat your heart out??

"Happy New Year"




Christina said...

Just since I didn't see anyone wishing you a happy new year, I want to say I hope this new year is great for you and your family. My 11 yr old has been cheerleading for 5 years now and started playing basketball this year (and also gymnastics), so I know the routine of rushing to get from one practice to the next. Hopefully your year will be a prosperous one. Your children are just darling and your blog is really nice.


Andre'a said...

Hey Christina! Thanks for your comment. You happen to be the winner of my book: How to create boutique bow pens. Send your e-mail address to hairflairs@yahoo.com to get your E-Book!!

Thanks for stopping by.