Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you wear bows?

I get a handful of e-mails every now and again from people (some that I know personally) asking me if I wear the bows I make. Now where exactly would I be wearing these bows to?? Cheer leading practice, Basketball practice, Church, Car pool line, Grocery store?? What kind of MOM do you think I am? So I simply state that "NO" I don't wear bows...........Not in a house or with a mouse. Not on a boat or with a goat. I will NOT, do NOT wear them, Dre'a I am!! But, because you dared me I will wear one for you!!

I DO however, rock some ultra chic Pony tails...from time to time. Mostly around the house or at the park with the kids....Now there you have it. Poke fun, laugh if you must.....I still love you!


1 comment:

Arlette said...

What a cute and clever post. I've really enjoyed browsing your blog and your bows are just adorable.