Monday, May 26, 2008

10 Things About Me This Week

1. I'm making Zoe's Graduation dress.
2. I just seen the preview of M. Night Shyamalan's new movie "The Happening". I'm still straddling the fence on this one. I love scary movies and I hope this one is scare worthy.....(I Am Legend was the last scary one I saw....yikes!!)
3. Just saw the trailer for "Hancock", Will Smith's new movie. Excited that I get to see him in a tight black leather suit.....
4. Thinking about cutting my hair. It is down to the middle of my back. I'm tired of wearing it in a ponytail, but I think that is the only relief I'll get this summer if I don't cut it.
5. Getting ready to do my first "Master Cleanse". I'm thinking the middle of June for
6 weeks. I'm excited. I don't have an attachment to food(which I think will help a lot) and I love lemons so my hopes are up.. We shall see how long I last.
6. Bought my first pattern for me. McCall's 5528 and I plan on making view A and using the sleeves from view C.
7. Stopped embroidering Zoe's tribute to 5 skirt. She is having a pool party for her birthday now. No need for a skirt, right?
8. Started cleaning up the sewing studio and organizing stuff.
9. Happy that school is about to be over and sad that this will be my last "season-summer" as a stay at home mommy.
10. Don't look for me this week. It is already started off to be a challenging one and I doubt that I'll have a lot of 'puter time. I'm thinking about you and I'll keep checking your blogs to see what you all have been up to! Have a great last week of May.

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Angelica said...

Andre'a I cant wait to see the dress!!