Friday, May 23, 2008

Tada! Very long post.......

I've been up to sew much and now I have a little show and tell. First up I've been making pillow cases. I'm trying to perfect my tension on my sewing machine(along with other techniques) and I started on one pillow case saying to myself..."Well that was easy. Maybe I should use up some of my fabric scraps". I hardly ever make my boys anything so I focused on them this time.

They both come complete with ribbon tabs(yes, my dear hubby I'm keeping them! I don't care how girly you think they might look). I still trying to decide if I want to include a button closure on the side to keep the pillow from falling out. It is one of my pet peeves! You know, you go to sleep and then wake up to find that your pillow case is all twisted and jumbled up? Ugh..... These fit the pillow perfectly and leave a 1" hang over the pillow.

It seems as though I had a bit of OCD with matching up the seams!! I'm glad everything turned out so perfect.

Even made some for a friend's son who is having a birthday tomorrow!
I also finished my second fabric photo! Pleat you very much:) Even made a material girl sign to hang with the picture. I tried to go with the graffiti kind of look while working on the signs. You can hardly see the "material" because I used the wrong background paper. Oh well, I'll try again will have to do for now. I love how you can fold a piece of patterned fabric and make some unique design of your own! I think that is what my hair flower obsession is all about.

Jon-Robert decided to do some crafting of his own....or some type of experiment actually. I couldn't even get mad at him. Instead we had to count the number of squares.......67. He really stopped at 20 but he was so proud of himself. I believe that every moment can be a learning experience. Yes, I could of gotten upset that I had to sit and wait 30 minutes again, yell for someone to bring me tissue, only to find out that we were totally out....But instead we will remember this day as being the day that Jon almost counted to 67.....but made it to 20. God bless us everyone.

I bought some soap from Cozy Moments on Etsy. It's a great store run by a husband and wife duo. Let me be the first to tell you that these people are just very good at what they do. This soap smells way to good to actually be soap! I bought the vanilla bean and the L.A.M.B(inspired by Gwen Steffani). I did look at her feedback first and determine that she was a stellar store worthy of my husbands hard earned money. What I did not know was that her stuff is actually better that Bath and Body Works....I know, pick your chin up! Those might be fighting words to some. -You know you have to use the shower gel, the lotion, and the spray just to have that particular "scent". And then it only lasts for 1/4 of the day. Well this stuff is off the chain. Not only does it smell "wonder-riffic-ly" pleasant, but it has a glorious lather and leaves you skin so soft, oh so soft. I have 1 sample left. If you want it it's yours....Do not blame me if you use it and babies start sucking on you, grown men won't stop following you, and women come out of the woodworks to ask you what your wearing... The soap is made with goat's milk and the soap scent that I have left is Peppermint Chocolate Oatmeal. Smells dreamy....First one to leave their e-mail addy and a comment will get it!!

Last but not least, I finally had some time to sit with my serger and figure out 99.7% of it's functions. Went through the entire book and practiced all the techniques. Here are a picture of the pintucks done with the serger. Don't know if I like them yet. The regular sewing machine pintucks look a little better - more chic, in my opinion. What do you think?



Kira =] said...

Love the animal crackers fabric!! =]
And thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog.

As for the sample --- Ooooh! Me me!! please?

bkkids at gmail dot com

MouseChirpy said...

Love the pillowcases. Sometimes I wish my son was young again so that I could make him some cute pillow cases too. I wonder how he'll react at the age of 21 to Batman pillow cases? Probably not.
I'm not too familiar with sewing machine pintucks vs. serger pintucks so I may not be a very good judge. Sorry. I have had my serger for over 10 years and have used it a total of 3 times. You probably know more about serging than I do at this point. Looking at the photo, they look fine to me but what do I know??? LOL
Take care.

jessi said...

i think it's great that you went through and figured out all of your serger functions - now you'll be ready for anything! I would have to agree on the pintucks - I'm generally not a fan of serging that shows on the outside of the clothing unless it's something sporty or it's just the hem.