Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafting On The Go - Hair Bow Edition

My version of crafting on the go had been limited to making the bows and waiting until I got home to do the gluing and attaching the clip. One day I came across my hubby's ac-dc adaptor that he uses in his car and knew that it could be a very useful tool for bow making. The ac-dc adaptor goes into the lighter socket and has the plug attached so you can plug in your appliance. This set up made selling bows ridiculously easy, seriously genius if I could be at liberty to say so. I could make and sell a custom bow within minutes. If you are a hair bow maker or a crafter on the go, all you need to invest in is the ac-dc adaptor.

Here is the my bag in the passenger seat. Yes, make sure you secure your bag, or else you'll be picking up stuff all over the place, lol.

And here is the set up in the car.

Oh, by the way, my trash can use to be a picnic basket that I repurposed into a portable trash can.


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Kira =] said...

very smart set-up! so cool!